Shame and Failure

The rigid belief in shame encourages our subconscious mind to transmute this belief to a personality element. Especially at an early age.

How It became?

When you revise the utmost of the shame hinders that have been enculturated in you, you will discover that significant part of them related to fear of what other people would say mostly.

Moreover, the question is who are those other people and why they need to say something about everything around them?

However, society has already declared the shame components from the very first generation, we could remember. 


Look at the amount of fear and hesitation that is surrounding many transitional decisions we need to take, which mostly resulted in receding our progress which should define the reason for our existence ultimately. By that we declare failure.

Mental Positioning:

Depending on the culture or the sub-culture we represent. shame take it’s placed in us.

So it became part of our mental identity which controls our thoughts, behaviors, and ultimately actions.


Shame’s relation to failure:

Shame is another side of fear, but it’s more self-accepted, because of the way used to enculturate shame don’t make us elucidate it as a side of fear or as failure assistance.

But mostly as ordinary society shaper, and individual behaviors controller. 

Here I argue that shame is one of the fear facets. As long as it doesn’t hurt or insult directly another human being in any way. 

Progress to overcome shame :

To progress, we need to mindfully shape our mental identity to be overwhelmed by progress components like Openness, exploration, and acceptance to our life journey steps.   


the only shame we should believe in is the shame to stop progressing or evolving to add meaningful purpose for our existence.


There are many possible ways to overcome progress hinders and move toward being the person you want to be.

Coaching is one of them because it helps to trigger and organize our thoughts, which scientifically proven that are affecting our lives.

Thank you.

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