Heart and Brain

Everything happened for a reason, probably you have heard of this phrase before. However, have you interpret it to help you progress. 

Our mental chapters can’t erase everything happens to us. Because our brain is contented to our heart and this is what makes the decision to delete a case not as easy as one party decision. 

We try to erase the incident as it never happened so we can move on, and progress. hence not being able to do that brings us grudge and bitterns. 

Acceptance is what both heart and brain agree on quickly. The reality that we will keep having incidents, cases and things, could motivate us to consider the art of acceptance. 

Acceptance doesn’t ask you to disregard, forgive, forget, not to react, a matter of fact acceptance could be the most practical and powerful reaction. Because it allows us to acknowledge what happened, acceptance will enable us to make the best of it and to function wisely. 


wisdom here is the ability to see only the reason for what has happened and to learn the lesson so you can move on. 

Acceptance works as well for what we do and later on revealed to be against our wishes. Acceptance authenticates our incompleteness, which is an excellent characteristic of being human. 

Our incompleteness is what makes the universe a place for everybody. We need each other to complete. Also, we need acceptance to connect. 


we are not entirely alone, and we should n’t be, everyone needs the other, and every acceptance indicates our incompleteness.  



There are different possible ways to embrace acceptance. Coaching is one of them because it helps to trigger and organize our thoughts, which scientifically proven that are affecting our lives.


M.A. USman Jr.

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